Download Album Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires

Song Artist Duration Size
Safari Song Greta Van Fleet 03:54 8.18 MB
Edge of Darkness Greta Van Fleet 04:28 9.03 MB
Flower Power Greta Van Fleet 05:12 10.08 MB
A Change is Gonna Come Greta Van Fleet 03:17 6.68 MB
Highway Tune Greta Van Fleet 03:00 6.21 MB
Meet On the Ledge Greta Van Fleet 03:49 7.73 MB
Talk On the Street Greta Van Fleet 04:08 8.50 MB
Black Smoke Rising Greta Van Fleet 04:19 9.15 MB
The album Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires contains 8 tracks that accumulates 00:32:07 minutes or 65.56 MB
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A short description:
Michigan four-piece Greta Van Fleet are stirring up the sort of electrifying, hard-edged rock music that makes you want to rev your engine. On their breakout hit, “Highway Tune,” singer Josh Kiszka lays his high-pitched howl over ripping electric guitar and hammering drums with such slick polish, Led Zeppelin would be proud. “No stopping on the highway girl/Because I want to burn my gas,” he sings. It’s urgent, retro, and impressively precise—a must-listen for fans of '70s classic rock and young guns keen to claim the genre for their generation. Don’t miss “Safari Song.”